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Industrial IR Gun (IR-GUN-S)
12:1 Optics, point and shoot simplicity, single laser, backlight, handy tool for the gadget guy.
IR Carrying Case
Made for IR-GUN-S and IRFS
Hi Temp Industrial IR w/Circle Laser (IR-IND)
30:1 Optics, range to 1400°F, type K input, adjustable emissivity
Meter only,
Save on meter & probe kit
Professional Hi Temp IR w/Dual Laser (IR-PRO)
50:1 Optics, range to 1832°F, type K input, dual laser
Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits
Thermapen IR Silicone Boot, Magnetic
Translucent, protects from drops and radiant heat. (Fits Thermapen IR only)
Thermapen® IR
Same industry-leading speed and accuracy of the Mk4 Thermapen with a built-in professional infrared thermometer. Two tools in one!
2-up: $129.00 ea.
Pocket Infrared Thermometer (IR-POCKET)
Waterproof to IP67, pocket sized convenience, surface temps in a snap.
IR-IND Meter & Probe Kit
IR-IND plus Super-Fast type K probe
$177.00 $202.00
Save $25 when you buy the kit
CZ-IR Silicone Protective Boot
Protects from drops, covers mode button to prevent accidental changing of settings
$4.50 $9.00
Save 50%—Limited Time!
Close Focus Infrared (CF-IR)
Measure tiny areas, electronics, laboratory and research
$169.00 $199.00
ON SALE!  Normally $199
Cold Zone Infrared (CZ-IR)
Best IR for cold chain, adjustable emissivity, high accuracy to 1.1F
IR-PRO Meter & Probe Kit
IR-PRO plus Super-Fast type K probe
$227.00 $252.00
Save $25 when you buy the kit
Industrial IR with Circle Laser (IRK-2)
12:1 Optics, range to 1022°F, type K input, adjustable emissivity, professional infrared.
Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits
Accredited IR/Probe Combo Temperature Calibration, 3 point.
3-points @ 32, 140, and 212°F (IR) and 32, 122 and 212°F (probe) , A2LA Accredited Certificate (Please allow 1-2 weeks for cal lab processing)
Ultra Hi Temp Infrared w/Dual Laser (IR-PRO-100)
100:1 Optics, range to 3272°F, type K input, stores 24 data points
High Accuracy IR with Type T Thermocouple Input (IRT-2)
12:1 Optics, range to 1022°F, type T input, high accuracy
Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits
Hi-Temp Professional Infrared w/USB Interface, to 1600°C (IR-PRO-75)
75:1 Optics, range to 2912°F, type K input, data capture and downloading
Portable Infrared Calibrator, Blackbody Target (IR-500)
Range to 932°F, large 2.25-inch diameter target, NIST-Traceable Cert
Nylon Holster with Belt Loop (STACSC)
$11.40 $19.00
SAVE 40%—Closeout!
BlueTherm® Infrared Probe
Bluetooth infrared probe, connects to smartphone or tablet, includes rubber boot
Discontinued—See the New RayTemp Blue
Food Safety Infrared (IRFS)
Optimized for food safety testing, 12:1 optics, single laser, high accuracy, MAX, Hold
IRK-2 Meter & Probe Kit
IRK-2 plus Super-Fast type K probe
$117.00 $142.00
Save $25 when you buy the kit