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Handheld Therma-Hygrometer w/Dual Display (6002)
Integral probe, Max/Min, dew point, 10,000 hour battery life, 2%
Thermometer Probe Wipe Large Tub

Tub of 175 Wipes
No residual aroma, won't taint food, pre-saturated, helps meet HACCP, 5 x 5-inch wipe
Therma K Professional Thermocouple
One-button simplicity, K type thermocouple, 5-year battery life
Meter Only

Save $26 on meter & probe kit
Handheld Light Meter
LUX and Foot Candles, Min/Max, Range to 90,000 LUX / 8,300 FC
High Accuracy pH Meter w/ Replaceable Electrode (8689)
Splash-proof, ±0.05pH, 3-point auto-cal, auto-temp compensation, dual display
On Sale, normally $85
Cold Zone Infrared (CZ-IR)
Best IR for cold chain, adjustable emissivity, high accuracy to 1.1F
$35.00 $49.00
ON SALE!  Normally $49
Portable Infrared Calibrator, Blackbody Target (110VAC)
Range to 932°F, large 2.25-inch diameter target, NIST-Traceable Cert
Liquid Immersion Probe Type T, 0.1°C (DPT-12)
12-inch length, range to 400°C, wooden handle
Pocket-size Bi-Metal Stem Thermometer, 125°F
Range from 25 to 125°F, includes pocket clip and adjustment tool
MicroCal 2T Type T Simulator
12 customizable pre-set temps, NIST-Traceable Certificate Included
RTD Immersion Probe, Class A (-220)
Range to 392°F, 1/8-inch diameter
Pro-Series® High Temp Cooking Probe

(included with Smoke and ChefAlarm)
6-inch length with bend, handle and strain relief, cable withstands 700°F, commercial quality. (For use with Smoke, ChefAlarm, and DOT)
Pro-Series® Waterproof Needle Probe
Sealed against moisture, great for Sous Vide, Super-Fast readings in 3-5 seconds. (For use with Smoke, ChefAlarm, and DOT)
Pro-Series® High Temp Air Probe With Grate Clip

(included with Smoke)
Measure air temp in ovens, grills and smokers, includes grate clip to attach close to food. (For use with Smoke, ChefAlarm, and DOT)
Small Zippered Storage Case
As sold with ChefAlarm; fits many thermometers, pH meters and probes.
Pro-Series® High Temp 2.5-inch Straight Penetration Probe
Great general purpose probe, 2.5-inch length, cable withstands 700°F. (For use with Smoke, ChefAlarm, and DOT)
Large Zippered Storage Case
Zippered storage case for Smoke, DOT, ThermaQ and more!
Pro-Series® High Temp 12-inch Probe
12-inch length for large cuts of meat, deep-frying, large pots and brewing. (For use with Smoke, ChefAlarm, and DOT)
Pro-Series® Probe Cable Extension
3.3 foot (1 meter) extension for all Pro-Series probes. Works exclusively with ThermoWorks Smoke, ChefAlarm and DOT
Therma-Hygrometer w/Dual Display and Remote Probe (6102)
Remote probe with robust connector, Max/Min, dew point, 2%
Therma K-Plus Professional Thermocouple
Hold, backlight, and calibration adjust, type K thermocouple
Meter Only

Save $26 on meter & probe kit
Thermocouple Simulator/Meter
8 thermocouple types, large display