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RTD Between Pack Probe, Class A (-060)
Flattened sheath for insertion between packs, range to 392°F
Oral Probe Type T, 0.1°C (OT-1)
Fast reading oral probe, ball-tip SST shaft with SST handle, range to 125°C
3.6V 1/2AA Lithium Battery (THS-839-100)
3.6V 1/2AA Lithium Battery
RTD Handheld Surface Probe, Class B (-000)
Spring loaded surface probe, range to 392°F
Type T Oven Cooking Probe (-170)
Max temp 482°F for probe and cable, great for ovens and smokehouse use, sharp penetration tip for foods
RTD Submersible Probe, Class A (-445)
Fully submersible SST probe, weighted for tanks and large storage vessels, range to 212°F
Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 24-inch (RT610B-24)
24-inch probe, heavy duty, waterproof, T-shaped, perfect for composting.
$29.00 $49.00
Heavy Duty Waterproof Thermometer, 12-inch (RT610B-12)
12-inch probe, heavy duty, waterproof, T-shaped, perfect for composting.
$25.00 $39.00
Type T Low-Cost Oven Cooking Probe (-173)
Designed for insertion into meats or other food products, withstands temps to 482°F for ovens and smokehouses
High Accuracy IR with Type T Thermocouple Input (IRT-2)
12:1 Optics, range to 1022°F, type T input, high accuracy
Meter Only
Type T Wire Probe, Sealed Teflon Tip (T-37X-T)
Sealed tip completely waterproof, PTFE insulation, range to 482°F
$29.00 to $39.00
RTD Smokehouse Probe, Class A (-120)
SST smokehouse penetration probe with rugged 30' armored cable, range to 482°F on cable and 482°F for the sensor
Skin Surface Probe Type T, 0.1°C (SST-1)
Tape on skin surface probe, 1/4-inch diameter, range to 90°C
Type T Heavy Duty Wire Probe (T-37X)
PTFE insulated, exposed junction, range to 482°F
$29.00 to $39.00
ThermaData® 2-Ch. Type K Thermocouple Data Logger
Dual K thermocouple inputs, range to 2501°F, with or without display, waterproof, USB
$169.00 to $189.00
Meter only

Probes sold separately
Type T Fine Gauge Wire Probe (T-36X)
Range to 482°F, very fast response, wire dia. 0.01-inch, 0.024-inch with insulation
$14.00 to $20.00
ThermaData® Stainless Steel USB Temp Data Logger
Fully submersible, range to 221°F, 3-year battery life, 5 models from 2-inch to 8-inch, USB
$159.00 to $209.00
Precision pH Meter (8000)
High accuracy ±0.05pH, 3-pt auto-cal with glass electrode
RTD High Accuracy Immersion Probe, 1/10 DIN (-222)
Accuracy to 0.05°F, SST probe, range to 392°F
Food Check Thermocouple Thermometer
One-button operation, fixed K type thermocouple with penetration tip, high accuracy
Skin Surface Probe With Handle Type T, 0.1°C (SST-2)
Skin surface probe with handle and angled sensor, 1/4-inch diameter at tip, range to 90°C
ThermaData® WiFi Temp Data Loggers (1 or 2 Probes)
1 or 2 external probes, range to 257°F, Wi-Fi
$174.00 to $219.00
Includes 2-point Cal Cert.