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AC power supply for the TR-7nw/wf series
Hi-Temp Silicone Spatula
Dishwasher safe, rated to 600°F, won't fade or discolor. Match your thermometer - 10 colors. Great stocking stuffer!
Utrix-16 Range to 158°F. Accuracy to ±0.9°F, IP64 with cap installed, 16,000 readings
RTD Surface Probe, Class A, (RTD-231)
SST disc, low mass with flexible shaft, for medical and lab use, high precision
$299.00 to $335.00
Medium-Duty Protective Case (Large)
12-inch x 17-inch x 3.25-inch, pull and pluck foam for customization, double-wall
Medium-Duty Protective Case (Medium)
9-inch x 12.5-inch x 3-inch, pull and pluck foam for customization, double-wall
Therma Waterproof Type T Meter & Probe Kit
Therma Waterproof Type T with Super-Fast penetration probe
$188.00 $213.00
Save $25 when you buy the kit
Therma Waterproof Type T High Precision Thermocouple Meter
High accuracy to ±0.2°:C, Backlight, Hold, Max/Min
Meter only,
Save $26 on meter & probe kit
ThermaQ® Blue Thermocouple Alarm Thermometer
Measure two thermocouple probes simultaneously on your smart device via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.
Meter only,
Save on meter and probe kits
Silicone Oil Type 710
$350.00 to $5,800.00
Silicone Oil Type 200.50
$109.00 to $1,850.00
Silicone Oil Type 200.20
$130.00 to $2,250.00
Silicone Oil Type 200.10
$99.00 to $1,700.00
Silicone Oil Type 200.05
$130.00 to $2,250.00
High Temp Air Probe and Grate Clip (-442)
SST overbraid protects cable from high heat to 662°F, perfect for monitoring ambient in smokers, grills and fireboxes. (TX-1006X-GC Grate Clip is included)
ThermoWorks Ice Cream Scoop
6 sizes, heat pipe technology, hard anodized
Type T Heavy Duty T-Handle, 1/4-inch Dia, 4-inch Probe, Standard Tip (T-124)
Tough, rugged industrial probe with sharp penetration tip, T-Handle makes insertion and removal easy