pH Meters

Test the acidity or alkalinity of sushi rice, soil, aquarium water, home-brews, cheese, or anything else with these accurate, easy-to-use ThermoWorks pH meters. Great for laboratories, agriculture, and food processing. Most models feature auto-temperature compensation and 3-point calibration.

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Waterproof pH Meter, ±0.2pH accuracy (8681)
Auto-temp compensation, one-touch auto-cal, C/F switchable
Waterproof pH Meter, ±0.05pH accuracy (8682)
High accuracy, auto-cal and auto-temp compensation
High Accuracy pH Meter w/ Replaceable Electrode (8689)
Splash-proof, ±0.05pH, 3-point auto-cal, auto-temp compensation, dual display
On Sale, normally $85
Precision pH Meter (8000)
High accuracy ±0.05pH, 3-pt auto-cal with glass electrode
Precision pH Meter and Probe Kit (8100)
Includes temp probe and glass electrode, ±0.05pH, 3-pt auto-cal
8100 Plus Kit
Includes temp probe and glass electrode, ±0.02pH, 2-pt auto-cal
Waterproof pH Meter, ±0.3pH accuracy (8680)
Low-cost pH meter, up to 3 point calibration, one-touch auto-cal
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pH Calibration Buffers
NIST-certified, 500ml and 20ml sizes individual and in kits