Commercial Food Safety

  • TempTest<sup>™</sup> 1

    TempTest 1

    Auto rotating display, waterproof, fixed Super-Fast probe, intelligent backlight

    5-up: $104.00 ea.
  • Industrial IR Gun (IR-GUN-S)

    Industrial IR Gun (IR-GUN-S)

    12:1 Optics, point and shoot simplicity, single laser, backlight, handy tool for the gadget guy.

  • RayTemp 2 Plus Infrared Thermometer

    RayTemp 2 Plus Infrared Thermometer

    5:1 Optics, 360° rotating display, adjustable emissivity, includes certificate.

    Includes 2-point Cal Cert.
  • Probe Wipe Case of 10 Mini Tubs

    Probe Wipe Case of 10 Mini Tubs

    Case of 10 Mini Tubs

    In Stock, Ready to Ship
    Order by the case, Save 35%
  • Pro-Surface Thermapen<sup>®</sup>

    Pro-Surface Thermapen®

    Measures surface temps, splash-proof with high accuracy to ±0.7°F

    5-up: $114.00 ea.
  • Therma K Professional Thermocouple

    Therma K Professional Thermocouple

    One-button simplicity, K type thermocouple, 5-year battery life

    Meter only,
    Save on meter & probe kit
  • Cold Zone Infrared     (CZ-IR)

    Cold Zone Infrared (CZ-IR)

    Best IR for cold chain, adjustable emissivity, high accuracy to 1.1F