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Thermocouples: Professional tools for your home kitchen

What separates five-star commercial kitchens from the best-equipped home kitchens? In a word – tools. Commercial kitchen tools are often on the cutting edge of technology, and include the best in food storage, handling and temperature management. It’s the tools that allow many establishments to consistently produce award-winning cuisine day after day.

That being said, you might say the only thing holding back your culinary exploits in the kitchen are the tools you’re using. And, when it comes to the most important tool in your kitchen (a cooking thermometer), having a professional instrument really can make all the difference.

Professional chefs rely on thermocouple technology. The best performing commercial thermometers in food service and food processing use thermocouples. A great example of a thermocouple thermometer, used by professionals and widely accepted as the best in the industry, is the Super-Fast Thermapen™. It’s the Thermapen’s thermocouple that allows it to be as fast and as accurate as it is.

Thermocouples are generally made for commercial use and typically have wider temperature ranges. They can be much faster, are often more accurate – especially over time – and thermocouple probes can be constructed with much more durable industrial materials. You might say the only down side is that they tend to be a bit more expensive than the consumer-market thermistor probes. However, an argument can be made for these professional sensors because they’ll actually cost less over time due to lower replacement rates, and better measurement results.

The MTC Mini Handheld Thermocouple Meter is a professional thermocouple meter that offers an affordable  alternative to thermistor meters. The versatile MTC is a compact, water-resistant meter with a Type K thermocouple junction that can be paired with hundreds of Type K thermocouple probes that accomplish multiple purposes.

A stem-type penetration probe makes the MTC perfect for instant temperature checks, while an insulated and stainless steel braided probe cable make it a great tool for monitoring the internal temperature of a roast in the oven, or turkey on the smoker. A long-stemmed probe, clipped to the side of a pot, make the MTC an ideal meter for candy making or deep frying. New submersible needle thermocouple probes can convert the MTC into your go-to meter for Sous Vide cooking. No matter what the application, there is a thermocouple probe that can accomplish the task.

Like other thermocouple meters, the MTC is fitted with a Type K thermocouple connector, which means it is compatible with all Type K thermocouple probes. From one application to another, all that’s needed is for the MTC to be plugged and unplugged from any combination of probe types for unlimited kitchen or household versatility.

A home kitchen, properly outfitted with the affordable MTC (and ThermaQ) plus a selection of Type K thermocouple probes, will be on par with commercial kitchens and five-star restaurants all over the world. With a Type K handheld meter and a catalog of probes you’ll be set for virtually any cooking challenge.

Whether you’re using a needle probe for a filet of sole, or a screaming-fast check of your steak temperature, a Super-Fast probe for spot checking a roast or turkey, a smokehouse probe for tracking a roast in the oven, on the smoker, or in the deep fryer, thermocouple probes will allow you to run the gamut of possible applications that require fast and accurate temperature taking. With thermocouples, you’ll be as well-equipped as any five-star commercial kitchen.

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  1. Russell Point

    I am looking for a Thermoworks thermometer to monitor the temp. of the insde of a smooker or oven accurately. Thank you

    • Hi Russel –

      Something like our crocodile clip here, is great for monitoring the internal temp of the oven. When paired with our MTC Mini Handheld, it makes for a very affordable professional thermocouple thermometer.

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