ThermoWorks Other Meters

These moisture and light meters, as well as our plate-shaped dishwasher thermometer, are rugged professional instruments with accuracy and durability worthy of the ThermoWorks name.

5 Products

DishTemp® - Plate-simulating Dishwasher Thermometer
Plate simulating dishwasher tester, records true plate surface temp, waterproof, includes NIST-Tracable certificate
5-up: $57.00 ea.
Professional Moisture Meter
5 Scales, LED bar graph, made in England
Professional Moisture Meter with External Probe
5 Scales, LED bar graph, made in England
Handheld Light Meter
LUX and Foot Candles, Min/Max, Range to 90,000 LUX / 8,300 FC
Fun-Size Thermometer (RT345)
Keychain thermometer, fold-away probe, C/F switchable, perfect stocking stuffer.