Select from a variety of ThermoWorks’ accessories ranging from probe wipes, cases, tripods, pot/ grate clips, and thermometer specific accessories like the Thermapen Silicon Boot.

  • Spare Smoke X2<sup>&trade;</sup> Receiver

    Spare Smoke X2 Receiver

    Keep the team connected. Pair multiple Smoke X2 Receivers to one Smoke X2 base

    5-up: $50.00 ea.
  • Spare Smoke X4<sup>&trade;</sup> Receiver

    Spare Smoke X4 Receiver

    Keep the team connected. Pair multiple Smoke X4 Receivers to one Smoke X4 base

    5-up: $50.00 ea.
  • Spare Smoke<sup>&trade;</sup> Receiver

    Spare Smoke Receiver

    Pair multiple Receivers to one Smoke base and keep the team connected

    5-up: $41.00 ea.
  • Billows Damper

    Billows Damper

    Fine tune your Billows air flow by restricting CFM with 16 adjustment stops.

  • Billows Expansion Kit

    Billows Expansion Kit

    Enables 2 Billows fans. Comes with 2-Fan Adapter and AC adapter.

  • Billows Replacement Cable

    Billows Replacement Cable

    USB-C to USB-C. 6' length (Included with Billows).

  • Billows Replacement Fan Plug

    Billows Replacement Fan Plug

    Stops air flow into Billows fan. Yellow silicone plug (Included with Billows).