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LogMaster QuadTemp 4-Channel Thermocouple Logger (QuadTemp)

SKU: QuadTemp

LogMaster QuadTemp 4-Channel Thermocouple Logger (QuadTemp)

Connection Kit required, model IFC200 ($119). See Kits and Accessories below to add the Connection Kit to your order.

  • Four thermocouple channels, Types J, K, T, E, R, S, B ,N
  • Rugged anodized aluminum casing
  • Provided with mounting holes
  • Up to 500,000 readings per channel
  • DC9V Power Adaptor Included
  • Use with Thermocouple probes (Sold Separately)
  • Includes 1-point NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Operating Range: -4 to 140°F(-20 to 60°C)

The QuadTemp is a four-channel thermocouple recorder that records up to 500,000 readings per channel.
Thermocouples are one of the most popular temperature measuring devices available today. They measure wide temperature ranges, are rugged and inexpensive. Accordingly, they have become widely used throughout many industries.

  • We offer a full line of thermocouple loggers to fit most any application. They are designed to accept thermocouple types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, and N, and offer up to 16 bits of resolution. In addition to the thermocouple inputs, all of our thermocouple loggers offer an internal temperature sensor that can be used to monitor and record ambient temperatures.

    Each thermocouple recorder comes standard with SMP-style (miniature) connectors for quick and easy setup. They are also available with removable screw terminal input connections upon request.

    With the user-friendly LogMaster software, data is simply downloaded to a computer where the readings are displayed in degrees of Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, or Rankine. The software allows the user to view all data points and even a summary of the data being viewed for calculations such as Mean Kinetic Temperature. If additional analysis of the data is needed, the data can be easily exported to MS Excel® by simply clicking a button.

  • Specifications
    Internal SensorSemiconductor, 0.1°C resolution, ±0.5°C accuracy from 0 to 50°C, -20 to 60°C range
    Remote ChannelsThermocouple type J, K, T, E, R, S, B, or N
    Resolution0.1°C (J, K, T, E); 0.5°C (R, S, B, N)
    Accuracy±0.5°C (J, K, T, E); ±2.0°C (R, S, B, N)
    RangeJ: –346 to 1400°F (-210 to 760°C)
    K: –454 to 22498°F (-260 to 1370°C)
    T: –454 to 752°F (-260 to 400°C)
    E: –454 to 1796°F (-260 to 980°C)
    R and S: -58 to 3200F (-50 to 1760°C)
    N: –454 to 2372°F (-270 to 1300°C)
    B: 122 to 3308°F (50 to 1820°C)
    Channels1 Internal & 4 Remote
    Memory500,000 readings per channel, channels can be disabled to increase memory
    Sample Rate0.25 seconds up to 24 hours
    Battery9V user replaceable, typical life 18 months
    Dimensions1.02 H x 7.24 W x 2.7 D inches ( 26 H x 183 W x 68 D mm)
    Environmental Range-20 to +60°C, 0 to 95% RH non-condensing
    Interface PkgIFC110 or IFC200
    Calibration CertificateIncludes 1-point NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Click here to download the free software.

    ThermoWorks LogMaster Software

    • Single software suite for all LogMaster loggers
    • Records cool-down temperatures
    • Advanced calibration adjustment tool
    • Cooling flags
    • Annotations 

    For use with and wired or wireless LogMaster data loggers. Fast USB downloading. Overlay multiple logs for mapping applications. Export to Excel or use the included software tools for further data exploration.