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Smoke™ Gateway (Wi-Fi bridge for Smoke Only)

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Smoke Gateway only; Smoke BBQ Thermometer sold separately.

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Smoke™ Gateway (Wi-Fi bridge for Smoke Only)

Smoke Gateway only; Smoke BBQ Thermometer sold separately.

Download the FREE ThermoWorks App

ThermoWorks App works with iOS 10 and above.

ThermoWorks App works with Android 7.0 and above. 

Important firmware update available for Smoke Gateway

Works with Smoke Only (not compatible with Smoke X)
Bring Internet connectivity to Smoke through Wi-Fi.

  • Bring Internet connectivity to Smoke through Wi-Fi (not compatible with Smoke X)
  • See temperatures & alarms on your phone
  • Create graphs or download data for further analysis
  • Rugged splash-proof housing
  • AC or battery powered
  • Designed in Utah by ThermoWorks

Add Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi to your Smoke alarm thermometer with Smoke Gateway. Intuitive in-app setup walks you through pairing Smoke Gateway to Smoke base unit, and connecting Smoke Gateway to your Wi-Fi network, to track your cook directly on your smart device from anywhere in the world. Plug Smoke Gateway into a wall outlet, or use remotely on battery power, up to 100 hours, before USB charging is required. Holds up to professional BBQ use with molded-in seals and IP65 water-resistant rating. Please note that each Smoke requires its own Smoke Gateway to connect to the internet if operated simultaneously.

Smoke Gateway easily pairs via radio frequency (RF) with your existing Smoke thermometer. It then pairs with your Wi-Fi network to send temperatures and alerts to the ThermoWorks App on your smart device.

ThermoWorks App allows you to view your critical temperatures anywhere with an internet connection. View live graphs and export your data for deeper analysis.

Get push notifications on your smart device when your temperature alarms are triggered.

Smoke Gateway is built with a rechargeable battery that allows you to cook anywhere for up to 100 hours or use plugged in. With splash-proof housings, Smoke Gateway is designed to be used at home, work, and BBQ competitions.

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Water ResistanceIP65
Operating Range32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
CommunicationRadio frequency (RF) to Smoke, Wi-Fi to wireless router
RF Wireless RangeGateway must be within 300-feet line of sight to Smoke
Radio FrequencyRequires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection
Wi-Fi RangeDependent on the Wi-Fi router
Wi-Fi Radio802.11b/g/n  (2.4 Ghz)
BatteryLithium rechargeable, about 100 hours
iOS App RequirementsWorks with iOS 10 or later
Charging TimeAbout 8 hours
ChargerUSB cable and US adapter
Dimensions4.21 H x 2.05 W x 1.01 D inches (107 H x 52 W x 25.6 D mm)
ApprovalsUS (FCC Part 15), Canada (IC), EU (CE - Complies with all relevant directives for Europe), AU/NZ (RCM)

Visit our Help Center For more information and troubleshooting tips.


Smoke Gateway FAQ

1. What is the Smoke Gateway and how will it work?
The Smoke Gateway is an add-on accessory for Smoke. The Smoke Gateway hardware bridge receives the wireless RF signal from Smoke and uses your existing Wi-Fi network to push the readings to your smart device. Each Smoke Gateway will work with only one Smoke.

2. Will Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi Bridge) work with my existing Smoke or do I need to buy a new Smoke base unit?
Smoke Gateway works with your existing Smoke. You will not need to buy a new Smoke. Smoke Gateway simply retrieves the wireless transmission from Smoke and pushes it to your smart device.

3. What is Radio Frequency (RF) and how does it differ from Wi-Fi?
RF is a simple, robust, and reliable wireless technology for sending your Smoke temperature data to the Smoke Receiver. Your Smoke and Smoke Receiver come pre-paired out of the box and will remain paired as long as they remain within distance. Wi-Fi uses radio signals to connect devices to the internet and requires additional hardware, setup and connection protocols.

4. Can I use Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi Bridge) with Smoke X2 or Smoke X4?
No, Smoke Gateway is only compatible with Smoke. It does not connect to Smoke X2 or Smoke X4.

What is an IP Rating?

An IP rating, also known as "International Protection" or "Ingress Protection" rating, is a value assigned to a product that determines its susceptibility to ingress from solids and liquids. The first numeric digit relates to the level of protection against solid objects, and the second numeric digit indicates the level of protection against liquid ingress. Click for a table of IP Rating values.

IP65 - No ingress of dust (6); Protection from water ingress: Low pressure jets of water (5).

Important firmware update available now.

Download the FREE App

ThermoWorks App works with iOS 10 and above.

ThermoWorks App works with Android 7.0 and above.

Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi Bridge) & Smartphone App
Use the Smoke Gateway (Wi-Fi Bridge) to get readings on your smart device, anywhere! Smoke Gateway receives the RF signal from Smoke and uses your Wi-Fi to transmit to the free ThermoWorks App.