ThermoWorks Calibration Services

ThermoWorks calibration laboratory is accredited by A2LA, which independently certifies our quality system and measurement capabilities. Our calibration services are faster (typically within 5 days) and less expensive (see our price list). No other calibration laboratory offers our combination of quality, professionalism, speed, and cost.

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ThermoWorks' Accredited Calibration Laboratory

The specific scope of capabilities within which the ThermoWorks Calibration Lab is certified to perform calibrations consider the facility, the equipment, the quality system and the technical proficiency of the lab staff. The accreditation applies to specific temperature ranges and types of instruments and gives specific uncertainty (or accuracy) limits. This internationally accepted accreditation assures the customer that calibrations performed within the lab’s “scope” are authoritative declarations of an instrument’s accuracy as traceable to national and international standards. ISO/IEC 17025 is the recognized international standard for technical competence of calibration and testing labs.

The ThermoWorks lab employs temperature baths with stabilities to ±0.001°C for accurate probe and thermometer comparisons. Our reference thermometer features a published accuracy to ±0.000015°C. When all uncertainties in our temperature calibrations are combined, ThermoWorks’ accredited scope assures calibration uncertainties to ±0.005°C. Humidity calibrations are also available with uncertainties to ±0.55%RH.

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Ask your current thermometer supplier if they have a cal lab and offer accredited calibration services, and you’ll see why so many are switching to the experts at ThermoWorks.

Accredited Calibration Services

Calibrations are available at pre-determined fixed points or at custom targets defined by the customer. Calibration certificates are offered with new purchases or with recalibration services on units sold by ThermoWorks or by any manufacturer.

Actual test data for each requested target is reported on each certificate showing the individual instrument's recorded error and how it compares with the manufacturer's specification.

Accredited certificates are available in the following categories and ranges:

Accredited Probe & Meter Calibrations
Probe calibrations from -328 to 1220°F (-200 to 660°C)
Meter calibrations from -454 to 3214°F (-270 to 1768°C)
System calibrations offered (i.e. probe and meter together)
Data logger calibrations available (both probe and ambient sensors)

Accredited Infrared Calibrations
Infrared calibrations from 5 to 1292°F (-15 to 700°C)
Single and multi-point certificates
6 different Blackbody Targets from multiple vendors

Accredited Humidity Meter Calibrations
Hygrometer calibrations from 10 to 95% humidity
At ambient temperatures from 59 to 95°F (15 to 35°C)
Humidity in air
Single and multi-point certificates

See Standard Calibration Prices. For formal quotations or for pricing or for non-standard calibrations (additional or difference calibration points, for example), please call (801) 756-7705 or email