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Food Processing Tools

Waterproof, precise, and rugged high-performance tools for the factory and warehouse. Handhelds, thermocouples, data loggers, long-stem digitals, waterproof instant reads, leave-in probe alarms, and much more. Supported by an internationally recognized accredited calibration lab. Performance you can trust for your HACCP and quality program.

Top-Selling Food Processing Tools (See All Top-Selling Food Processing Tools)

Thermapen Mk4

2-3 second readings. Waterproof. Fold-away thermocouple. 10 colors. NIST-traceable.

$99 $69 ea.

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Therma Waterproof

Designed for wet workplaces, the Therma Waterproof survives harsh industrial use and offers top thermocouple performance.

$139 ea.

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Executive Series

You set high standards for your kitchen. Time to use a professional thermometer that can perform above and beyond industry standards.

$35 ea.

5-Up: $29 ea.

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Health Screening Tools

WAND Forehead Thermometer

FDA-Cleared for use on adults and children. Simple to use with readings in 1 second.

$69 ea.

5-Up: $61 ea.

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WAND Blue Forehead Thermometer

Bluetooth enabled, FDA-Cleared for use on adults and children. Simple to use with readings in 1 second.

$119 ea.

Bluetooth Connection

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WAND Blue Software Providers

List of providers with compatible software and mobile applications that communicate with WAND Blue.

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Data Loggers (See All Data Loggers)

Stainless Steel Logger

Fully submersible, range to 221°F, 3-year battery life, 6 models from 0-inch to 8-inch, USB.

$169 to $219

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Thermocouple ThermaData Lite

Low-cost, simple-to-use logging solution perfect for food-safe transportation, storage, and more.


5-Up: $54 ea.

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WiFi Logger

WiFi temperature loggers. Available in multiple configurations for walk-ins, freezers, and holding units.

$149 to $259

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Handhelds (See All Handhelds)

TempTest 1

Auto rotating display, IP67 waterproof with intelligent backlight, Fixed Super-Fast probe. 3-second readings.

$124 ea.

5-Up: $104 ea.

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Therma K Metal Waterproof Thermometer

Aluminum housing, ultra rugged and waterproof, K type thermocouples.

$179 ea.

Save with Kits

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TempTest 2

Auto rotating display, IP67 waterproof with intelligent backlight, External Super-Fast probe.


5-Up: $114 ea.

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Thermocouples (See All Thermocouple Probes)


Our Type K penetration probes utilizes durable and accurate thermocouple sensors to provide industrial grade penetration probes. These penetration probes are perfect for restaurant line checks, dairy and meat processing, BBQ, and sous-vide.

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Our Type K surface thermocouple probes include a variety of different surface probes to meet your specific need. These surface probes include pipe probes, between-pack probes, magnetic surface probes, griddle surface probes, as well as other handle surface probes.

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ThermoWorks’ high temperature thermocouple Type K probes are designed for use in instances requiring high temp temperature and ranges from 482ºF up to 2200ºF. Select from surface probes, wired air probes, and penetration probes.

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Instant-Read Thermometers (See All Instant-Reads)


Extra long-stem thermometers featuring a rugged T-shaped design. 24-inch length.

$39 ea.

Also available in 12" version

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The Super-Fast ThermoWorks digital pocket thermometer reads temperatures in just 5 seconds. Big digits are easy to read, plus it fits in a shirt, apron or chef-coat.

$29 ea.

5-Up: $24 ea.

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With DASH/DASH Mini's extra large, 180-degree, auto-rotating display, temperatures are always easy to read, in either hand.

$39 ea.

5-Up: $32.50 ea.

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Infrareds (See All Infrareds)

IRFS Infrared

Optimized for food safety testing, 12:1 optics, single laser, high accuracy, MAX, Hold.

$74 ea.

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Cold Zone Infrared

Best IR for cold chain, adjustable emissivity, high accuracy to 1.1F.

$39 ea.

On Sale! Normally $49

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12:1 Optics, point and shoot simplicity, single laser, backlight, handy tool for the gadget guy.

$69 ea.

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Timers (See All Timers)

Extra Big & Loud

Adjustable volume to super loud, splash-proof, magnets or flip stand, rugged. Professional quality.

$33 ea.

5-Up: $29 ea.

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Commercial timer with four independent alarms. Easy to set, easy to use, Record your own voice alarms. Adjustable alarm volume up to a loud 100dB for noisy commercial kitchens.

$59 ea.

5-Up: $52 ea.

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Pocket-sized, fits chef coat, count-down, count-up, clock with neck lanyard, splash-proof, great stocking stuffer. Available in 9 colors.

$25 ea.

5-Up: $21 ea.

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Other Food Processing Tools (See Other Food Processing Tools)


In less than 15 minutes, you can set up your custom daily checklists, download them to the Saf-T-Log and start recording temperatures.

$209 ea.

Save with Kits

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Plate simulating dishwasher tester, records true plate surface temp, waterproof, includes NIST-Tracable certificate.

$69 ea.

5-Up: $61 ea.

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No residual aroma, won't taint food, pre-saturated, helps meet HACCP.

$5 to $41

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