Mica Lens Thermometers

Mica lens thermometers are the most common type used in industrial settings. They have more rigid mineral-based ground lenses. This allows them to...

  • take accurate measurements at much higher temperatures (above 1,000°C)
  • be about half as susceptible to the "thermal shock" effects caused by sudden swings in ambient temperature as the fresnel lens thermometers
  • be most accurate at greater distances (above 20:1 distance to target ratios)

Mica lens thermometers often come with one or two lasers to help guide both the aiming of the thermometer and the estimation of the field of view being measured. Mica lens thermometers are the most fragile of the infrared technologies, however. They often come with carrying cases as they are more likely to crack or break when dropped. They are typically the most expensive and still need to acclimate to extreme ambient temperatures for 10 minutes or more before giving accurate readings.