Using Max/Min, Hi/Lo Alarms and Other Special Functions

All but the most basic infrared thermometers will typically come with recording features like Max/Min functionality, which displays either the maximum or minimum temperature recorded during a given measurement.

These features work best when you sweep the thermometer's field of view across a given range of targets to see variance. They often reset each time the thermometer's measurement trigger is pressed, giving you a different Min. or Max. each time you "scan." Check your particular thermometer's user's guide for more details.

Other common features include...

  • an Avg. of temperatures recorded during a given measurement
  • a Dif. feature that displays the difference between the highest and the lowest temperatures recorded and...
  • adjustable Hi/Lo Alarms that will flash or beep when a recorded measurement goes above or below a designated temperature

These extra features are particularly useful in food service or industrial settings where standard operating procedures (SOPs) or government regulations specify adherence to certain ranges of temperatures.