Infrared Comparator Calibration Cup

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Quickly test Infrared guns at room temp, no power required
661, 127, 226, 142, 281, 291
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  • Portable and easy to use
  • No external power required
  • Quick test at room temperature

The Infrared Comparator Cup provides a stable black body temperature. The comparator cup is an inexpensive way of checking infrared hand-held thermometers against a known reference thermometer.

The comparator consists of an aluminum cup with a solid matte black base, the base incorporates a 3.5mm reference thermometer hole for probe insertion.

The comparator can be used at any temperature within the ambient range of the instrument to be tested. The information from the reference thermometer can be used to compensate for minor differences in the readings against the test instrument. Then only instruments with unacceptable errors need to be returned to the supplier for re-calibration or certification.

Infrared Comparator Calibration Cup

Sale Price: $81.00

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