Famous for customer service...

Most people know us for our standard-setting thermometers, but did you know we have a reputation for outstanding repairs and customer service?

Here's a sampling of recent comments to our service department:

"I can't thank you enough. You can be sure everyone I know will hear about this."
"I was extremely impressed with the customer service we received…"
"I've never gotten a better or faster response from any customer service department."
"I can't give you enough compliments."
"Your company treats its customers so well…"
"Thank you again for your superior service."
"I'm completely satisfied."
"ThermoWorks, you've made a loyal customer for life."
"My highest compliments to you on your staffing and standards of excellence!"

You don't get comments like that by accident! Give us a try… If you need help with an order or deliver, send an email to orders@thermoworks.com. If you're having trouble with a ThermoWorks product, contact techsupport@thermoworks.com

And please send any other suggestions, feedback, ideas, complaints, compliments or thoughts to info@thermoworks.com