ThermoWorks Product Warranty Information

Most ThermoWorks instruments carry a two-year warranty and guarantee against defects in either components or workmanship. A few have five-year warranties. All other products are covered by a one-year warranty. During this period, products that prove to be defective will, at the discretion of ThermoWorks, be either repaired or replaced, without charge. This warranty does not apply to probes, where a six-month period is offered. The six-month period may also apply to a probe where it is an integral part of an instrument.

The product warranty and guarantee does not cover damage caused by fair wear and tear, abnormal storage conditions, incorrect use, accidental misuse, abuse, neglect, misapplication or modification, or use with non-ThermoWorks hardware/software. No warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered and the user assumes the entire risk of using the product. Any liability by ThermoWorks is limited only to the replacement of defective materials or workmanship, and ThermoWorks accepts no responsibility for consequential loss. In line with our policy of continuous development, we reserve the right to amend our product specifications without prior notice.

This warranty is valid only if the product is purchased from ThermoWorks directly or from an authorized reseller. If you purchase a ThermoWorks product from an unauthorized reseller, you will not receive warranty or technical support.

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