ThermoWorks Turkey Headquarters

We've all had that Thanksgiving turkey that was a little dry. With the right knowledge and tools, you will never have to serve an underwhelming bird again. Make turkey the easiest part of your holiday meal by cooking to temperature with ThermoWorks tools. We have everything you need to make your next turkey the best you've ever had.

Thermapen® ONE

The ONE tool that will improve your turkey, and overall culinary prowess, more than anything else. Use Thermapen ONE to quickly spot check multiple areas in your turkey to ensure that it is cooked through and safe to eat. ONE second readings will allow you to check quickly and minimize heat loss with the oven door open.


Insert the probe into the thickest part of the breast and watch the internal temperature of your turkey without having to open the door of your oven or smoker. Be sure to turn on the alarm so you are alerted when you reach the perfect temperature, even if you are busy prepping sides or visiting with family.

Turkey Temperature Tips


Allow at least 24 hours for every 5-6 pounds (2.3–2.7 kg) of frozen turkey. A 20-pound (9.1 kg) turkey will take 4 full days to thaw in a refrigerator.

Probe Placement

Position the probe sensor in the “thermal center” of the breast by following its contours and inserting the probe horizontally, parallel to the baking tray.

Pull Temperatures

To achieve the end goal of tender, juicy breast meat and silky, succulent dark meat, the internal temperature in the thighs needs to be at least 175°F (79°C) by the time the breast meat reaches 157°F (69°C).

Verify w/ Thermapen ONE

Plunge the probe of your Thermapen ONE deep into the breast meat from the top and then pull the probe tip slowly back through the meat ensuring there are no temperatures below 157°F (69°C).

Turkey Guides

Whether you are cooking a traditional turkey or trying something new, we have all the details and thermal information you will need to be successful. When it comes to your next turkey, trust the temperature experts at ThermoWorks.

Master Turkey Guide

From thawing to carving, this guide contains everything you need to know to make perfectly roasted turkey.

Smoked Turkey

Ready to add a little smoke flavor to that bird? Smoking a turkey is a great way to change things up and we've got all the tips for you here.

Deep Fried Turkey

Deep frying your bird will take less time than roasting. Most turkeys take about 3 minutes per pound to fry. But be sure to follow the important safety tips outlined.

Sous Vide Turkey

For one of the easiest—and certainly the tastiest—turkeys ever, cook it sous vide. You free up the oven for hours and the turkey can be held even if it’s done early.

Spatchcock Turkey

The turkey is the star of the show on Thanksgiving Day, golden and juicy. But it can also be problematic. It takes up space in the oven, for one thing. Doesn’t that bird know you have green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and rolls waiting in line? Plus it is often overcooked, and half the skin—which we want ultra crisp—is soaked and squidgy at the bottom of the bird. But a little time-saving trick of laying the bird out flat while roasting is a complete game-changer on all fronts. If you’re the type of person who thinks outside the box with an affinity for the unorthodox, keep reading. This fast-roasting turkey method is for you.

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