Professional Moisture Meter

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5 Scales, LED bar graph, made in England
569, 576, 890, 1150, 306, 540, 584
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2-year Warranty

  • 5 Scales: Wood (2), Plaster, Concrete, Reference
  • 20-LED Digital display bar graph
  • Designed for building professionals
  • Auto-off saves battery life
  • Hold function

The 7000 Series Moisture Meters are professional meters designed for building professionals. Each meter includes a 20-LED multi-color bar graph to display current moisture content with visual alert levels: Green for ok, Amber for warning, and Red for damp.

These digital moisture meters have five built-in scales for convenience:

Scale 1 – Wood 1 (W1), 6.0 to 40.0%
Scale 2 – Wood 2 (W2), 8.0 to 40.0%
Scale 3 – Plaster (P1), 0.1 to 15.0%
Scale 4 – Concrete (C1), 0.5 to 12.0%
Scale 5 – Linear or Reference (Lin), 1 to 1000

The 7000 Series is powered by three AAA batteries with up to 350 hours of battery life and an auto-off setting to conserve power. Press the 0.05 dia x 0.3 inch (1.2 dia. x 7mm) replaceable pins into the material being measured and achieve professional level accuracy to 1% moisture content.

Each unit includes a 2-year warranty and is supplied in a zip wallet for handy storage with 50 spare pins (602-503). Add an optional rubber boot for drop and added moisture protection.

Select from two models, 7000 and 7250. Model 7000 features a two-pin probe on 36-inches of cable and BNC connection. Makes reading display easy and for taking measurements in hard to reach places. Model 7250 features built-in pins with no cable, all self-contained.

The 7000 Series Moisture Meters are hand-made for ThermoWorks in England at a professional instrument shop.

Professional Moisture Meter

Sale Price: $149.00

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