Printing Thermometer

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Meter only

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Printing Thermometer

Meter only

  • 0.1°C/°F or 1°C/°F resolution.
  • Features a real time clock.
  • Range of -328 to 2498°F (-200 to +1370°C).
  • Includes in-built dot matrix printer.
  • Inputs for two thermocouple probes.
  • Reads K, J, T, R, S, and E thermocouples (sold separately).
  • Stores 4,000 readings at user-selected intervals.
  • Stores 100 readings on demand with ID note attached.
  • Includes USB cable and software.

The 9882 Printing Datalogger Thermometer is a microprocessor-based combined printing and data-logging thermometer. The unit is housed in a durable ABS plastic case with easy to use push buttons and a custom LCD display with backlight.

  • The printing thermometer measures temperature over the range of -328 to 2498°F (-200 to +1370°C) with a resolution of 0.1°C/°F (-200 to +650°C) or 1°C/°F. The unit incorporates two thermocouple probe sockets, enabling the user to connect one or two probes with selectable readings of probe 1, probe 2 and a differential temperature reading.

    The 9882 Printing Datalogger Thermometer can be programmed to record temperatures at given time intervals, as often as once per second up to every two hours (7,200 seconds). The unit features a real-time clock and enough memory to store up to 4,000 samples or readings. The datalogger thermometer incorporates a number of programmable parameters including the logging start and stop time – immediate or time delayed.

    As an added memory feature, the 9882 allows 99 "On-Demand" readings to be stored and downloaded. Each reading can be assigned to a 14-character ID code for identification when viewing, downloading or printing. ID codes can be setup directly on the thermometer or via the included software.

    The dot matrix printer prints directly onto thermo-paper, eliminating the need for an ink cartridge/ribbon. The thermometer can instantly print a reading or the user can print from on board memory.

    Each 9882 Printing Datalogger Thermometer is supplied with one roll of paper, a USB lead, software, instructions for use, and hard carrying case. You won't find more features anywhere in a printing thermometer.

  • Specifications
    Range-328 to 2498°F (-200 to 1370°C), depending on thermocouple type
    Accuracy±0.3% of reading ±1.3°F (±0.3% of reading ±0.7°C)
    Resolution0.1°F/C or 1°F/C
    ProbeThermocouple types K, J, T, R, S, E (2 channel)
    DisplayCustom LCD
    Capacity4,000 internal logging / 100 demand logging data points
    InterfaceUSB, includes software and cable
    Battery4 x AA or optional AC/DC power adapter, Approximately 50 hours
    Dimensions2.1" x 2.75" x 8.2" (53 x 70 x 208mm)
    WeightLess than 1 lb.


    Log 4,000 Readings
    Only compatible with Windows
    Set an interval up to 7,200 seconds,
    record and download to our free software.



  • Download Printing Thermometer Operating Instructions

    Built-in Printer

    No cartridge needed. Print on demand instantly or from memory for HACCP or other regulations.



    Detailed Display

    Displays T1, T2, and T1-T2.  Intuitive menus make the 9882 easy for anyone to use.



    Hard Case Included

    The 9882 Printing Datalogger Thermometer comes with its own protective hard-shell case.



    Log 4,000 Readings
    Set an interval up to 7,200 seconds,
    record and download to our free software.



    Log on Demand
    Store up to 99 readings on demand
    with 14 character ID.