Probe Clip, Single Hole, SST

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SST, attaches to side of pot, for use with 0.20-inch diameter probes. Use with the T-Grip 6" & 12". Not for use with the T-Grip 24" & 36".
236, 240
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  • Attaches to side of any stockpot or sauce pan
  • Stainless Steel
  • Designed for probes 0.20" dia. and smaller
  • Use with the T-Grip 6" and 12" (0.20" dia.) models.  Not for use with T-Grip 24' and 36" (0.24" dia.) models.

This probe clip allows you to continuously monitor the cooking process while keeping both hands free for other tasks. Perfect for monitoring cooking sugars or delicate sauces.

Probe Clip, Single Hole, SST

Sale Price: $5.00

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