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Thermometer Probe Wipe Sachet
Case of 10 cartons
No residual aroma, won't taint food, pre-saturated, helps meet HACCP, 1.2 x 2.4-inch wipe
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Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan Kit (for use with Smoke X)
For use with Smoke X to eliminate vent adjustments and take control of the temperature in your smoker.
Spare Smoke Receiver
Pair multiple Receivers to one Smoke base and keep the team connected
5-up: $39.00 ea.
Spare Smoke X Receiver
Keep the team connected. Pair multiple Smoke X Receivers to one Smoke X base
5-up: $37.70 ea.
Gift Guide
Find the perfect gift for the special person on your list. Gifts for the baker, home cook, BBQ'er, candy maker and more. .
ThermaData WiFi Restaurant Walk-in Kit
Kit includes everything you need to start monitoring a walk-in cooler at your restaurant.
$340.00 $385.00
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Kit Value $385
LogMaster HiTemp140 Stainless Steel Loggers
RTD Probe Range from -328 to 500°F, Accuracy to ±0.1°C, Environmental Range from -40 to 284°F, Connection kit required, Stores 32,700 Readings
$539.00 to $589.00
BlueTherm® One Kit - Cabled Probe
Type K input, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD display, IP67, 3,000 hours on one AA battery.
5-up: $279.00 ea.
Billows Replacement Foam
Replacement foam for Billows.
Silicone Hot Pad/Trivet 9"x12"
9"x12", heat resistant to 600°F, dishwasher safe, 10 colors, for every kitchen.
5-up: $12.99 ea.
Infrared Emissivity Table
List of common items and their emissivity values.
Smoke X Long-Range Wireless BBQ Alarm Thermometer
NEW! Professional Wireless BBQ Alarm w/new RF Wireless Technology.
$169.00 to $199.00
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Hi-Temp Silicone Brush
Dishwasher safe, rated to 600°F, won't fade or discolor. Match your thermometer - 10 colors.
Billows Replacement AC Adapter (Expansion)
For use with 2 Billows fans. Different from AC adapter that comes with Signals, that can be used with 1 Billows fan. (Included in Billows Expansion Kit).
Billows Replacement Fan Adapter (Expansion)
For use with 2 Billows fans. (Included in Billows Expansion Kit).
Billows Replacement Fan Adapter (Single)
For use with 1 Billows fan. (Included with Billows).
Billows Replacement Cable
USB-C to USB-C. 6' length (Included with Billows).