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Spare Smoke Receiver
Pair multiple Receivers to one Smoke base and keep the team connected
5-up: $39.00 ea.
Gift Guide
Find the perfect gift for the special person on your list. Gifts for the baker, home cook, BBQ'er, candy maker and more. .
ThermaData WiFi Restaurant Walk-in Kit
Kit includes everything you need to start monitoring a walk-in cooler at your restaurant.
$340.00 $385.00
Buy in a kit, save $45!
Kit Value $385
LogMaster HiTemp140 Stainless Steel Loggers
RTD Probe Range from -328 to 500°F, Accuracy to ±0.1°C, Environmental Range from -40 to 284°F, Connection kit required, Stores 32,700 Readings
$539.00 to $589.00
BlueTherm® One Kit - Cabled Probe
Type K input, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD display, IP67, 3,000 hours on one AA battery.
5-up: $279.00 ea.
Billows Replacement Foam
Replacement foam for Billows.
Silicone Hot Pad/Trivet 9"x12"
9"x12", heat resistant to 600°F, dishwasher safe, 10 colors, for every kitchen.
5-up: $12.99 ea.
Infrared Emissivity Table
List of common items and their emissivity values.
Hi-Temp Silicone Brush
Dishwasher safe, rated to 600°F, won't fade or discolor. Match your thermometer - 10 colors. Great stocking stuffer!
Kamado Mounting Plates for Billows
Optional Kamado Mounting Plates for Billows
Billows Replacement AC Adapter (Expansion)
For use with 2 Billows fans. Different from AC adapter that comes with Signals, that can be used with 1 Billows fan. (Included in Billows Expansion Kit).
Billows Replacement Fan Adapter (Expansion)
For use with 2 Billows fans. (Included in Billows Expansion Kit).
Billows Replacement Fan Adapter (Single)
For use with 1 Billows fan. (Included with Billows).
Billows Replacement Cable
USB-C to USB-C. 6' length (Included with Billows).
Billows Replacement Fan Plug
Stops air flow into Billows fan. Yellow silicone plug (Included with Billows).
Billows Expansion Kit
Enables 2 Billows fans. Comes with 2-Fan Adapter and AC adapter.
Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan
Eliminate vent adjustments and take control of the temperature in your smoker.
All Foodservice Thermometers Featuring Bluetooth Wireless Technology
All precision temperature devices for HACCP compliance with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.
T&D Thermocouple WiFi Logger (TR-75WB)
Thermocouple data logger, Bluetooth and WiFi connected with Free Cloud Access
 Logger only. Probes sold separately.
T&D High Precision Temp & Humidity WiFi Logger (TR-72WB-S)
1 external temp, 1 external humidity, range to 131°F and 10 to 95%RH, free web storage, Wi-Fi