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WiFi Temperature data loggers

Getting Started with Data Loggers

Data loggers provide valuable temperature and humidity tracking as they collect and archive data continuously and can send instant alerts when danger zone limits are breached. These alerts will save you time, reduce food waste, and keep food within safe limits. But with dozens of options, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best data logger for the job. Follow these five simple steps to select the right data logger for your application.

1. Review your current HACCP program

Review your current HACCP or critical temperature/ humidity recording program and determine areas of reporting that would benefit from continuous data collection and alerts instead of your current walk-around and handwrite-in-a-logbook approach. These areas may include walk-ins, freezers, prep areas, cold and hot holding, cook-chill, ROP (Reduced Oxygen Packaging), and other storage areas.

2. Determine what Data needs to be recorded

Determine wheter you need to measure environmental temperatures and/or internal food temperatures. This will determine if the logger will need an external probe.

3. Consider How You will view the Data

Decide how you want to view, collect, and archive the data. USB loggers are the easiest to set up and deploy and require some basic user interaction to download the data after reconnection to the PC. Wireless loggers are bit more involved in setting up, but transmit data to your PC or cloud storage while in place, eliminating time to remove and download them back at the PC. Wireless loggers can also be programmed to send real-time notificiations if temperatures go outside of food safety ranges.

4. Determine which other features are important

Review any other features required for your specific need which may include: water resistance, a viewable display, alarming via text or email, data storage capacity, etc.

5. Call ThermoWorks for expert advice

For any given application, there may be multiple logger types that would fit the bill. We have a team of experts that can help you select the right logger for your HACCP program.

sales@thermoworks.com | 800-393-6434

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