High Precision

ThermoWorks high precision thermometers utilize high-accuracy RTD sensors to provide precision in temperature measurement. These extremely accurate thermometers are perfect for use as reference thermometers to test the accuracy of other thermometers. They can be used in quality assurance labs for restaurants, health departments, food processors, or for anytime you need to use precision in your temperature measuring work.

  • Reference Thermapen<sup>&reg;</sup>

    Reference Thermapen®

    Super high accuracy to ±0.05°C with 5-pt UKAS Accredited Calibration

  • Precision Plus Thermometer

    Precision Plus Thermometer

    High accuracy to ±0.05°C, 3- or 4-wire interchangeable RTDs, NIST-Traceable Cert

    Meter only,
  • Precision Thermometer

    Precision Thermometer

    High accuracy to ±0.4°F, interchangeable 3- or 4-wire RTDs

    Meter only,
  • ThermaCheck Plus

    ThermaCheck Plus

    High accuracy to ±0.7°F with probe, waterproof, fixed probe

  • ThermaCheck Thermometer

    ThermaCheck Thermometer

    System accuracy to ±0.5°F, NIST-Traceable Certificate, 5-year battery life

  • Reference Thermometer

    Reference Thermometer

    Certified accuracy to ±0.03°C with 5-pt UKAS Accredited Cert, fixed probe