Changing the Classic Thermapen Batteries

Thermapen BatteryThe Classic Thermapen™ comes with two CR2032 (3V) coin cell batteries pre-installed—enough to power the Thermapen for about 1,500 hours!

An illuminated battery symbol will appear when it is time to change the batteries. The accuracy of your Thermapen will not be compromised, but the display will stop working when *battery power is gone.

Start by carefully removing the battery cover. Insert a coin into the slot (a U.S. quarter works best), and using firm but even pressure, rotate the battery cover counter-clockwise about a quarter of an inch as marked on the bottom of the Thermapen **housing. Lift the cover from the hole with the edge of the coin or with your fingernail. Remove the old batteries and set both of the new ones in, one on top of the other, with the positive sides up.

Make sure that the metal clip provided snaps over the batteries to hold them in place. Care- fully replace the battery cover.

* Once the batteries are too low to power the display, the display will show "Flat Bat" and then shut off. Replace both batteries to continue using the Thermapen.

** The battery cover may be tight in order to maintain splash resistance, but be careful not to over-rotate. The tabs that hold the battery cover in place are made of molded plastic and can break if forced.

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