RTD Air/Gas Probe With Handle, Class A (-300)

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SST shaft with handle, range to 392°F
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The stainless steel shaft is open ended with a ventilation hole provided in the sides to expose the bare RTD sensor to the outside for faster measurements of air or gases. Ideal for environmental readings, cold storage or HVAC work.


Sensor Range: -58 to 392°F (-50 to 200°C)
Handle (ABS blend): Max temp 221°F (105°C)
Cable: 14 to 221°F (-10 to 105°C)
Time Constant: Less than 4 seconds typical in liquid. Less than 20 seconds full reading.
Accuracy: ±0.5°F (±0.35°C) from -58 to 212°F (-50 to 100°C)
Termination: Stripped and Tinned

RTD Air/Gas Probe With Handle, Class A (-300)

Sale Price: $77.00

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