MicroCal 2T Type T Simulator

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12 customizable pre-set temps, NIST-Traceable Certificate Included
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2-year Warranty

  • Check thermometers, controls, transmitters, etc…
  • Easy-to-set with easy-to-read digital display.
  • Store 12 preset temperatures of your choice.
  • Resolution to 0.1°, Accuracy to 0.3°C.

If you rely on thermocouple measurements, you should periodically check the accuracy of your instrument against a traceable thermocouple simulator. Simply plug the Microcal into your meter and step through your preset temperatures or set a precise new temperature using the Up/Down buttons. Our Microcal 2 does the job quickly and accurately for a very reasonable price. Compare our performance and quality to calibrators from Fluke, Altek, Martel and others that cost over twice this much! In fact, you won't find better accuracy for less than $1000.

To speed up your work, save up to 12 of your most frequently used temperatures in the user-adjustable presets. The 4-1/2 digit LCD provides 0.1° resolution up to 1999.9 with 1° above that. A simple mode button adjusts the contrast of the LCD and other user settings. The auto-off function preserves battery life and can be disabled when you need longer term simulation for testing controllers, recorders, loggers or thermometer stability. Accurate internal cold-junction compensation is included as a default and you can select external compensation if ever needed.

When you shop for a thermocouple calibrator, make sure the accuracy specification of your calibrator is at least 2 to 4 times better than the instrument you're checking. Many handheld calibrators are less accurate than the typical handheld thermometers you might want to calibrate. The Microcal 2 should meet virtually all thermocouple calibration requirements.

The Microcal 2 is available in thermocouple types K, T and J. Each unit comes with the appropriate thermocouple cable fitted with mini-plugs. A certificate of calibration is provided by a fully accredited and traceable cal lab including actual test data at five temperatures. Check around. You won't beat this value!

MicroCal 2T Type T Simulator

Sale Price: $299.00

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