Waterproof pH Meter, ±0.2pH accuracy (8681)

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Auto-temp compensation, one-touch auto-cal, C/F switchable
760, 144, 221, 370, 257, 255
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It is recommended to store the electrode in electrode storage solution and calibrate the meter regularly with calibration buffers (not included) – order here.

1-year Warranty

  • Waterproof
  • Auto-Temp Compensation (8681 & 8682 only)
  • One-Touch Auto-Calibration
  • Up to 3 point cal 4,7,10
  • Cal values adjustable
  • Data Hold Function
  • Auto Power-Off
  • °C/°F Switchable (8681 & 8682 only)

These convenient and portable pen-style pH meters are designed for fast and accurate pH measurements in any environment. Choose from three models to fit your application. Each unit includes a one-touch calibration feature at 3 points and a waterproof rating to IP65. They fit comfortably in your hand and conveniently store away in your shirt pocket.

8681 - Choose this model for professional performance, durability and a great price. Auto temperature compensation ensures good accuracy. Dual display shows temperature and pH at the same time with accuracy to ±0.2pH.

Important to Know:

  • 1. The electrode should be soaked in electrode storage solution before the first use.
  • 2. The electrode should be stored with solution in the cap.
  • 3. If unused for an extended period of time, the electrode needs to be rehydrated.
  • 4. It is recommended to calibrate the meter regularly with calibration buffers.

Waterproof pH Meter, ±0.2pH accuracy (8681)

Sale Price: $49.00

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