Temperature affects all aspects of our daily lives. The temperature in our homes can affect our daily comfort and even the quality of our sleep. Measuring the temperature of our food can impact not only safety but quality and repeatability as well.


Just as you carefully measure each ingredient when you develop recipes, you should be measuring how much heat you add to your food when you cook. From your fridge to your counter to your oven to the cooked food itself, correct temperatures play a critical role in your success. ThermoWorks thermometers can help you measure and understand these critical temperatures and perfect your craft. Once you do, helping your readers achieve the same results becomes so much easier. Whether you are baking, roasting, braising, smoking, proofing, brewing, or making candy, measuring temperature is vital and ThermoWorks has the best tools for the job.

Why team up with us?

Enhance your Website - Add valuable content to your website that will educate and inform your visitors while boosting your credibility. Enlist our product banners and promotions to draw attention to your recommended equipment and move your followers to action.


Make Money - As an affiliate you'll earn generous commissions on all qualifying purchases generated by personalized links to our product pages.

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Use Only the Best - Don’t settle for subpar equipment when you create and offer the same to your followers. As a ThermoWorks affiliate, you will be equipped with the very best thermometers and timers, from our one-second instant-read, Thermapen ONE , to our WiFi-enabled Signals BBQ Alarm, to the affordable but amazing ThermoPop 2, and all our top selling accessories. Use the best and recommend the best to earn a commission!

What we look for

Content - ThermoWorks is looking for affiliates who have professional content in a related vertical. Our products are often recommended for BBQ and grilling but are also very well suited to home cooking, baking, candy making, homebrewing, outdoor cooking, overlanding, camping, and much more. We cannot accept affiliates with websites that are incomplete, under construction, or contain inappropriate content. In addition, your content must be your own. We do not approve affiliates who primarily repost the content of others.


Audience - In order to be approved for our program, you will need to demonstrate that you have developed an engaged audience. The actual follower number can vary by platform, but the larger and more engaged your audience, the more successful you will be.

Professionalism - ThermoWorks is a professional instrumentation company. Those we chose to partner with us must, by extension, also demonstrate professionalism in all they do. This includes, but is not limited to, accurate information about ThermoWorks products and temperature recommendations, high quality imagery, and a website that is easy to navigate.

What we expect

Above all else, we expect professionalism and honesty. We want you to share your honest opinions and experiences with ThermoWorks products. This is part of the reason that we do NOT engage in sponsored content or paid reviews. Our primary focus is building long term relationships with affiliates interested in using the best products on the market and letting their experiences with those products speak for itself.

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