Chef's Burn Spray

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All-natural, fast-acting, reduces pain in seconds, reduces scarring.
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  • Fast-acting burn relief
  • Natural ingredients
  • Reduces pain in seconds
  • Replenishes moisture to skin
  • Helps reduce scarring

A neighbor and Thermapen user introduced us to this natural burn spray a few years ago. He assumed that people who use thermometers a lot are probably at risk of being burned occasionally. He was right of course. Since then, thousands of bottles have been used by people in various industries and countless kitchen workers in food service and at home.

Chef's Burn Spray reduces pain on contact and replenishes lost moisture. It works great on anything from kitchen burns to BBQ mishaps and even sunburns. Provides fast relief and has a mild, pleasant fragrance. People love it.

Formulated locally in Lindon, Utah by MBi in accordance with "Current Good Manufacturing Practices" to assure a high quality and consistent product.

Each bottle provides approximately 80 applications for burn and pain relief for the commercial kitchen, home, BBQ rig, work, car, and the camping kit. Get several.

Chef's Burn Spray

Sale Price: $19.00

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