SST Wall Bracket w/Probe Holder (832-015)

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Stores meter and probe, with boot installed. Note that when used with some boots the meter may need to face the wall. Click "See More" below for details.
312, 322, 320, 325, 329, 376, 308
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  • Stores meter and probe
  • Prevents drops and bumps
  • Stainless steel
  • Fits with protective rubber boot (THS-830-257) installed on meters as seen in image shown above
  • NOTE: Some protective boots, like that included with ThermaQ, only fit this bracket when oriented with the instrument display facing the wall.  These protective boots include the 830-259 and 830-258.  The bare meters and meters with the 830-257 boot installed all fit with the display facing the user. 

Keeps meter and probe close to work area with handy wall mount hole. Durable SST construction. Fits the Therma Waterproof, Therma Waterproof Type T, Therma Differential, Saf-T-Log, Therma 20 Plus, Therma 22 Plus, Therma Check Plus and ThermaQ.  See Related items below for a full list of compatible meters. 

SST Wall Bracket w/Probe Holder (832-015)

Sale Price: $21.00

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