Simplify HACCP Compliance with Thermapen® ONE Blue

The dinner rush roars on. Servers weave between tables, balancing plates and dodging obstacles. Back-of-house, cooks juggle orders, their movements precise and practiced. But amidst the controlled chaos lurks a silent enemy: food safety.

HACCP plans require identifying Critical Control Points (CCPs) in the food handling process where temperature control is essential to prevent foodborne illness. CCPs, including the specific food item, the measured temperature, the date and time of the measurement, and the initials of the staff member taking the measurement, all need to be recorded multiple times per day.

The importance of HACCP compliance cannot be overstated: foodborne disease causes about 76 million illnesses and 5,000 deaths in the United States each year. Yet the process can be time-consuming and prone to human error. Traditional paper checklists are especially vulnerable, often leading to inaccuracies and data loss. Trust us, it doesn’t have to be like this.

While restaurant owners often hesitate to automate and digitize checklists due to perceived costs, training difficulties, and integration complexities, Thermapen® ONE Blue and ThermoWorks App + Cloud make the process easier and more accessible than ever. When the health inspector drops by, you’ll be glad you made the switch.

Read on to learn how automating with ThermoWorks helps you stay on top of food safety while freeing up staff to focus on what matters most—preparing the delicious food that keeps your customers coming back.

1. Improved efficiency and compliance

Thermapen ONE Blue is purpose-built to revolutionize temperature and line checks in restaurant kitchens.

  • Lightning-fast response time: One-second readings allowing staff to quickly verify food safety without disrupting their workflow.
  • Unmatched precision: With an accuracy of ±0.5°F, Thermapen® ONE BLUE guarantees reliable results, critical for maintaining HACCP compliance.
  • Seamless Bluetooth® connectivity: Easily transfer data to ThermoWorks Cloud™, enabling automated, digital record-keeping that eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Enhanced checklist display: Empower staff to make critical food safety decisions with real time on-screen pass/fail results.

2. Intuitive app makes staff training a breeze

Concerns about retraining back-of-house (BOH) staff can be daunting when automating line checks. But ThermoWorks App boasts an intuitive interface familiar to any smartphone user. Simply insert the Thermapen® ONE Blue probe into the thermal center of whatever you’re measuring, press a button, and the temperature is recorded in ThermoWorks Cloud. No complicated multi-step processes or custom devices required.

3. Effortless system integration

Forget complicated software installations or bulky hardware. ThermoWorks Cloud, available in four monthly tiers ranging in price from free to $79/month, operates entirely through the app and web browser. Once you’ve set up a company profile, create custom checklists, set pass/fail parameters, and email data with ease. The intuitive design ensures you can implement the system without needing extensive instructions or a PC connection. (Note: The Checklist function works with any of our Bluetooth-connected devices.)

4. Cost-effective for all restaurants

One of the primary concerns with automated systems is the cost. And many current solutions are expensive, requiring specialized software and expensive monthly subscriptions that are only accessible to huge restaurant chains. In contrast ThermoWorks App + Cloud is free to use in its basic form, and only $9 per month for checklist functionality up to 10 devices.

5. Support whenever you need it

When you choose ThermoWorks, you’re not just buying a product—you’re also getting a team of experts in your corner.

  • Customer Care: Whether you need help with setup, troubleshooting, or general inquiries, our knowledgeable, Utah-based team is standing by to answer your call.
  • Technical Support: And our in-house team will assess and repair any product issues swiftly and efficiently.
  • Lab Calibration: Our A2LA Accredited Calibration Lab also offers commercial calibration services, ensuring your instruments meet HACCP standards.

Don’t let automation myths hold you back. Embrace the future of HACCP compliance with Thermapen® ONE Blue and ThermoWorks App + Cloud. It’s the cost-effective, user-friendly solution to streamline your food safety processes.